Koperasi Anggota RISDA Malaysia Berhad (KARISMA)

Established in 1997, Koperasi Anggota RISDA Malaysia Berhad (KARISMA) is a cooperative dedicated to empowering agricultural communities in Malaysia. Registered under the Cooperatives Act 1993, KARISMA provides financial loan services and engages in diverse transactions, including supplying agricultural inputs and livestock support. Notable successes include securing catering contracts and participating in community beautification projects. With a commitment to economic empowerment, KARISMA continues to drive positive change in Malaysian agriculture.

Koperasi Anggota RISDA Malaysia Berhad KARISMA

KARISMA - Koperasi Anggota RISDA Malaysia Berhad: Summary

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Introduction to KARISMA

Koperasi Anggota RISDA Malaysia Berhad KARISMA

Koperasi Anggota RISDA Malaysia Berhad (KARISMA) stands as a beacon of cooperative spirit, established on 02 January 1997. Registered under subsection 7 (1) of the Cooperatives Act 1993, KARISMA operates as a basic cooperative with limited liability, dedicated to serving its members and uplifting agricultural communities across Malaysia.

Cooperative Endeavors

Financial Loan Services

At the heart of KARISMA’s mission lies its commitment to providing financial loan services to qualified members. Upholding the By-laws of the RISDA Malaysia Berhad Member Cooperative, KARISMA ensures accessible financial support to empower its members in their agricultural pursuits.

Diversified Transactions

Beyond financial services, KARISMA engages in a spectrum of transactions catering to the diverse needs of its members. These include:

1. Supplying Agricultural Inputs

  • Fertilizers and Chemicals to Government Agencies
  • Rubber Tapping Equipment
  • Various Agricultural Tools

2. Livestock Support

  • Supply of Beef Cattle/Feedlot Cattle Feed

3. Provision of Goods and Services

  • Corporate Clothing
  • Books and Reading Materials
  • Stationery & Office Supplies
  • Islamic Cooked Food Supply Services to Hostels/Institutes

Contractual Successes

Catering Services at IKPK Kelantan

From 2013 to 2017, KARISMA secured a tender to provide cooked food services for courses, meetings, and other activities at IKPK Kelantan. This accomplishment underscores KARISMA’s capability to excel beyond financial services, extending its support to meet diverse needs within the agricultural community.

Beautification Project

Embracing community development, RISDA Malaysia Berhad Member Cooperative, including KARISMA, received an offer to paint and beautify the RISDA building located in Jalan Ampang. This opportunity not only enhances the aesthetics but also symbolizes the cooperative’s commitment to contributing positively to its surroundings.

Future Outlook

As KARISMA continues its journey, it remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering economic empowerment and community development among its members. Through innovative initiatives and steadfast commitment, KARISMA strives to be a catalyst for positive change in the Malaysian agricultural landscape.

Karisma Tawarruq-i Personal Loan: Empowering Members' Financial Needs

Introduction to Koperasi Risda Tawarruq-i

Karisma Tawarruq-i, offered by Koperasi Anggota RISDA Malaysia Berhad (KARISMA), serves as a flexible financial solution tailored to the needs of its members. Formerly known as Bai Al Inah, this financing option ensures swift processing, requiring only five working days for a complete application, with the provision of a guarantor.

Features of Tawarruq-i Personal Loan

  1. Name Change to Tawarruq-i: Reflecting Islamic finance principles, the loan mechanism has evolved from Bai Al Inah to Tawarruq-i.
  2. Swift Processing: Applicants benefit from a streamlined process, with applications typically processed within five working days.
  3. Guarantor Requirement: Each application necessitates the attachment of a guarantor, ensuring accountability and security.

Subject to terms and conditions.

Emergency Loan: Addressing Urgent Needs

In addition to the Tawarruq-i personal loan, KARISMA offers emergency loans to assist members in critical situations. These loans cater to a range of urgent needs, including:

  1. Natural Disaster Relief: Assisting members affected by floods and other natural calamities.
  2. Medical Treatment: Providing financial support for essential medical expenses.
  3. First-Time Home Purchase: Facilitating homeownership aspirations.
  4. First-Time Pilgrimage: Supporting members in fulfilling their religious obligations.
  5. Eye Care: Covering expenses related to eye treatments.
  6. Vehicle Maintenance: Financing car repairs and road tax renewal.
  7. Custom Requirements: Additional needs are considered based on Charisma’s approval.

Guarantor attachment is mandatory for all emergency loan applications.

Subject to terms and conditions.

Consumer Goods Financing by KARISMA

Koperasi Anggota RISDA Malaysia Berhad also offers Consumer Goods Financing to facilitate members’ access to essential items. Key features of this financing option include:

  1. Application Procedure: Members are required to complete the financing form during the application process.
  2. Quick Processing: Applications are typically processed within three to five working days.
  3. Maximum Loan Amount: Members can avail themselves of loans of up to RM 10,000.00.

Guarantor attachment is mandatory for all Consumer Goods Financing applications.

Subject to terms and conditions.

Member Welfare Services by KARISMA: Enhancing Members' Lives

Outstanding Student Contribution

KARISMA extends support to members’ educational endeavors, rewarding academic excellence with contributions for outstanding achievements:

  • UPSR: Achieving 5A grades
  • PMR: Securing a minimum of 7A grades
  • SPM: Attaining a minimum of 6A grades

Hospital Donations

Members facing medical challenges receive financial aid for hospital expenses, including:

  • Ward Admission: RM 20 per night for up to 5 nights
  • Surgery: RM 100 contribution

Fardhu Hajj Contribution

KARISMA facilitates members’ religious obligations by offering contributions for Hajj pilgrimage once they are financially stable.

Retirement Contribution

Acknowledging members’ lifelong dedication, KARISMA provides a one-time retirement contribution to support their transition.

Member’s Death Contribution

In the event of a member’s demise, KARISMA offers financial assistance to the bereaved family as a compassionate gesture.

Other Services

KARISMA offers various services to enhance members’ professional image and convenience, including:

  • Corporate Clothing: Ready-made designs with logo stitching and embroidered names, available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL, and fabric options such as VISCOSE, MINI DRILL, and OXFORD – CVC 55/45 (blue).
  • Convenient Payment Options: Members can utilize salary deductions for payments, while non-members can book services by paying 50% in advance.

Car and Motor Lubricants

Through collaboration with Koperasi Kakitangan Petronas Berhad (KOPETRO), KARISMA ensures members have access to quality lubricants for their vehicles.

Supply of Agricultural Equipment

KARISMA facilitates members in the agricultural sector by providing essential equipment, including lazy palm fruit pickers, rubber tapping equipment sets, rubber vinegar, latex stimulators, and rejuvenators.

Rice, Sugar, and Agricultural Inputs

Ensuring members have access to basic commodities, KARISMA supplies rice, sugar, fertilizers, herbicides, stationery (A4 paper, corporate circles), and feedlot cattle.

Insurance Services

Understanding the importance of security, KARISMA offers insurance services to safeguard members’ assets and well-being.

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