Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%

The all new Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88% is our top choice for personal financing in Malaysia. The personal loans Coshare KFH 3.88% is one of 3 new financing products launched in 2021 in conjunction with the Covid-19 pandemic. The impact of the Control Movement Order has a profound impact on the applicant’s day -to -day economy and finances. It is expected that this funding package will explode and become very popular among AG government civil servants. KFH, Kuwait Finance House, has long been a leader in financing packages for government employees.

Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%
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Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88% Summary

  • Koperasi Name: Coshare Kuwait Finance House
  • Abbreviation / Code Name: KFH
  • Koperasi Promotion Name: Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%
  • Personal Loan Promotion Period: ~ on-going ~
  • Open to: Government
  • Max Loan Amount: RM200k
  • What is the best personal loan you can apply for in this Covid-19 pandemic?

    Many were effected by the high financial burden during Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, we are pleased to launch the MCO personal loan promotion - Movement Control Order 3.0 for you. There are 3 financing schemes without employer confirmation (loan tanpa pengesahan majikan) that you can apply for, namely Coshare KFH 3.88%, Coshare JCL 6.65% and Coshare JL 7%. Just Whatsapp our hotline number at 019-2983056 to get more information and clarification on this best financing package ever.

    If you are familiar with Yayasan Ihsan Rakyat YIR, Apply personal loans now!

    Remember 'Protect Yourself ... Protect All' ...

Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88% - Loan Criteria

Here are the loan criteria for Coshare KFH 3.88% so that you get a clear picture before applying.

  • Special interest rate 3.88% flat rate for Personal Loans Coshare KFH (lowest in the market for flat rate).
  • Payout 80% of the loan amount.
  • Processing time 7-10 working days.
  • Minimum loan period of 2 years and maximum of 15 years of financing. (first time loan period is extended)
  • The minimum financing amount is RM10,000.
  • The maximum financing is RM200,000.
  • Unsecured loan
  • Single customer limit is RM200,000.
  • Applicants must be in a permanent position.
  • Serve at least 1 year from the date of appointment.
  • The minimum starting salary is RM3,000.
  • Open to full government staff (AG Only). That means all federal government employees are ELIGIBLE.
  • Police personnel are ELIGIBLE to apply.
  • This promotion namely Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88% is not open to state government employees and statutory bodies (GLC).
  • Financing up to one year before retirement. If the applicant chooses the 60 -year retirement option, we can only calculate until 59 years old.

Important note: Applicants with a high DSR are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply because this Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88% scheme does not see your CCRIS and CTOS records. You should tell us whether you have commitments outside of pay slips such as credit cards, house or vehicle installments, personal loans paid through bank account deductions or bank-in and others.

How to Apply a Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%

To applicants who are interested in this personal loans Coshare KFH 3.88% personal loan package, you can download the application form here. You must also fill in your personal details as below and send to our Whatsapp number as below.


  1. Nama Penuh :
  2. No I/C :
  3. Alamat Tetap :
  4. Alamat Sekarang :
  5. No Tel Bimbit :
  6. Bilangan Tanggungan :
  7. Taraf Perkahwinan :
  8. Bangsa :
  9. Agama :
  10. Taraf Pemilikan Rumah :
  11. Pendidikan Tertinggi :
  12. Alamat Email :
  13. Nama Ibu :
  14. Tempoh Menetap :


  1. Nama Majikan :
  2. Alamat Majikan :
  3. Jawatan :
  4. Tarikh Mula Berkhidmat :
  5. No. Tel. Pejabat :
    6. Gred :
    7. Bahagian / Jabatan :


  1. Nama Penuh Pasangan :
  2. No I/C Pasangan :
  3. Tarikh Lahir Pasangan :
  4. No Tel. Bimbit :
  5. Nama Majikan Pasangan :
  6. Alamat Penuh Majikan Pasangan :
  7. Gaji Pasangan :
  8. Tarikh Mula Berkhidmat :
  9. No. Tel Pejabat Pasangan :


  1. Nama Penuh :
  2. Alamat Tetap :
  3. No Tel. Bimbit :
  4. Pertalian Dengan Pemohon :

Dengan ini saya bersetuju dengan semua syarat-syarat yang telah diberitahu oleh Pegawai Pemasaran dan mengesahkan semua maklumat yang diberikan adalah benar. Terima kasih.

  • Does Coshare KFH required colored copy of MyKad?

    Yes a colored copy of MyKad is required to apply for personal loans Coshare KFH 3.88%. You can WhatsApp a copy of your colored IC to the WhatsApp number as shown. For safety, you are encouraged to draw a small double horizontal line on the top right corner and put remarks such as "For Coshare use only" so that your IC is not misused by others in the future.

Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88% Required Documents

Documents required to apply for a personal loans Coshare KFH 3.88% are:

  • IC & police ID (if any) colored have – WhatsApp
  • ANM & HRMIS password (customers have to print their own HRMIS if they are police officers)
  • Copy of payroll bank account (COMPULSORY)
  • Option letter for customer:
    • aged 39 and above (if applying for a 15 year old package)
    • aged 45 and above (if applying for a 10 year package)
  • Confirmation letter* (MANDATORY if applying KFH)

*For JCL, if the employer does not cooperate, you have to ask for a confirmation letter

Please click here to get the details of Coshare KFH JCL Criteria Personal Loan

Download Personal Loan Form Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%

What are the 5 steps to apply for a Coshare personal loan – Kuwait Finance House (Interest rate 3.88%)?

To apply Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%, here are the steps you need to do as follows:-

  1. Step 1: WhatsApp the latest salary slip to 019-2983056. And state whether you have a high blacklist record or bankruptcy and inform us which packages that suits your financial status.
  2. Step 2: A calculation will be made to determine if you are eligible or not. We will inform you which package suits you based on your financial situation.
  3. Step 3: Fill in the applicant’s information and send via WhatsApp to 0192983056.
  4. Step 4: Download the form in this page, fill it in using a black wet ink pen, sign all places consistently and attach supporting documents as required.
  5. Step 5: Send us the completed application form.

Apply Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%

Apart from Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%, we also provide personal loan services such as Yayasan Ihsan Rakyat (YIR), Yayasan Perlis (YYP), Bank Rakyat financing, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), Koperasi Kekal, Koperasi Gemilang (Kogemilang), Al-Rajhi Bank, Alliance Bank, Koop Bank Pertama, MBSB Bank and others for your convenience. Contact us for information such as the latest promotional packages, the latest profit rates and the maximum amount of financing. The services offered are:

  1. Fresh personal loan: The loan eligibility limit is calculated based on the strength of your pay slip i.e. basic salary, fixed allowance and the total deduction in the pay slip. Deduction of 60%, 50% or 40% of the total income. You can open an account for the first time with a bank or cooperative, a second account, a third account and so on.
  2. Overlap personal loan: Where you use an existing financing account and apply to get cash in hand instantly. Increasing the financing amount means you may or may not increase the monthly installment payment or the original financing amount. Just take the full settlement statement and overlap with other banks/ cooperatives of your choice.

How to Apply for a Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%?

To apply Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%, Simply send the latest salary slip to the personal loan hotline 019-2983056 now! Click the phone number button above for more info.

Loan Tanpa Pengesahan Majikan?

Personal Loans Coshare JCL 7%

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