KPJB Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad or KPJB for short is a cooperative that carries out various proactive activities in addition to personal financing. Get info on all cooperatives in Malaysia.

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad KPJB Personal Loan

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad KPJB Summary

  • Koperasi Name: Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad
  • Abbreviation / Code Name: KPJB
  • Koperasi Promotion Name: General Info about koperasi in Malaysia

According to official website, the business activities are personal financing, petrol station, shophouses rent, Takaful Malaysia agent and supply workers & goods.

About Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad KPJB

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad was first established on 1 December 1973 as a co -operative company named Pinjam Meminjam Dan Jimat Cermat Kakitangan Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor. Its membership registration began on January 1, 1974, with a total of 45 members.

In the First (temporary) General Meeting held on 7 February 1976 the meeting agreed that the name of the company be changed to Koperasi Kakitangan Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor Berhad (KKLPJB) and its registration was approved on 22 January 1977.

At the General Meeting held on 30 November 1996 KKLPJJB changed its name to Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad. This name change was done in connection with the phenomenon of privatization changes that took place at the Johor Port Authority together with Johor Port Berhad. The registration of the change of name of KPJB was approved on 26 February 1997.

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad Co-operative Members

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad KPJB membership consists of permanent staff of Johor Port Berhad, JP Logistics Sdn Bhd and Johor Port Authority. The current membership is 950 members.

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad Personal Loan Package

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad KPJB provides personal loans to members of Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad. We are confident that the availability of this facility can help members and the development of cooperatives as well. Convenient financing facilities and help the country’s economy. Among the financing provided by Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad KPJB are as follows:
1. Guaranteed Financing
2. Emergency Financing
3. Insurance Financing and Road Tax

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad Products and Services

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad KPJB Petrol Station

The petrol station is located at Jalan Baja, Pasir Gudang and started operating on 15 November 1988. Apart from selling petrol in cash to the public, it provides credit facilities to the official vehicles of JPB, JPL, private companies and also to members of the Cooperative. Caltex Mart offers a variety of quality food, beverages and goods at affordable prices. Caltex Techron oil is of high quality and suitable for all types of vehicles.

Shophouses To Rent

KPJB owns 3 shophouses in the vicinity of Pasir Gudang which are rented to tenants. The feedback from the tenants is very pleasing to the Cooperative. In addition to the monthly rent at a reasonable price, the service from the Cooperative office satisfies the tenants. We aim to give traders the opportunity to conduct their business comfortably. Opportunity to rent shop or office space with guaranteed comfort.

Authorized Takaful Malaysia Insurance Representative

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad is the authorized Takaful Malaysia insurance representative. We provide insurance renewal and road tax for all types of vehicles including heavy vehicles. The cooperative gives a 5% rebate to all customers who deal with us for insurance renewal. Dear customers will be satisfied with our service and repair efforts will be monitored from time to time. 5% return for each insurance renewal and road tax.

Supply Workers and Goods

Koperasi Pelabuhan Johor Berhad provides services to supply workers and goods in line with the development of the country. This service will help the Cooperative to move further as well as provide employment and business opportunities to suppliers. Items that are also supplied such as workers’ shirts (Johor Port, JPL and others), police uniforms, shoes, t-shirts, safety helmets and other necessities. We will give our best for our esteemed customers. Provide dedicated employees and quality goods.


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