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Citibank known as a truly global bank serve more than 200 millions customers worldwide.Do more with your life with the extra money! You can now renovate your house, purchase new furniture, further study, shopping and holiday with our personal financing-i. The best value for money, low interest rate, low monthly repayment and many more. For more details please click the below link.

Please note that the website you ‘re open now is dedicated to government employees only. To private sector workers , do not make a phone call to the mobile phone number stated on any pages appeared existing in this website as the hotline number is for public servants (GOVERNMENT) only. For private sector workers , soldiers , traders , government retirees who want to make a personal loan , please click Citibank personal loan financing-i for private sector. Please take note in this regard.

Whether it is decorating your dream home, pursuing a higher education or your dreams, Citibank Personal Loans lets you fulfill your personal needs. Apply for Citibank Personal Loans Online now and get instant approval* in 5 simple steps!

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Pinjaman Peribadi Citibank Personal Loan

Citibank Berhad Personal Loan Financing Summary

  • Bank Name: Citibank Berhad
  • Abbreviation / Code Name: Citi
  • Bank Promotion Name: General Info about Personal Loan from banks
  • Personal Loan Promotion Period: until present
  • Open to: All
  • Max Loan Amount: Salary Based Multiplier

Apply Personal Loan Online

Complete our online application form and get instant approval*.

Complete the 5 simple steps below and be approved* instantly.

  1. Step 1: Fill up your Contact details
  2. Step 2: Fill up your Personal details
  3. Step 3: Fill up your Employment details – In Principle Approval* of your Personal Loan application
  4. Step 4: Confirm loan terms that you wish to apply for
  5. Step 5: Upload your income documents

*The loan amount, tenor and interest rate offered to you is based on your declared income during the online application. It may differ upon actual loan approval which is based on your income documentation submitted. Your loan application hereafter is still subjected to Citibank’s credit assessment.

Please note that by submitting the details above, you are warranting that all information furnished by you are true and accurate. Any incorrect or inaccurate information will affect your loan or other credit facility applications. In accordance with our privacy policy, any details that you submit for the purpose mentioned above will not be shared with third parties.

Please read the Citibank Instalment Loan Terms and Conditions and the Product Disclosure Sheet.

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Citibank Personal Loan

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